Welcome to my blog!

I never thought I’d be publishing a blog.  But I was thinking this week, how else can I get the word out about my craft business on the limited, I mean, non-existent marketing budget I have?  And get to write about my crazy children, and the wonderfully romantic things my husband does for me!  So here I am.  I will be showcasing some of the items I’ve made, some for sale, some not.  And I’ll be sharing some of the silly things my family does…one small anecdote for the day…my youngest is our daughter, Anna.  She’s 18 months old at the moment.  She can be frilly, she likes to wear dresses and swirl the skirt around.  But she can also be a brute.  She does have 3 older brothers to keep up with!  At the beginning of the spring this year, the kids were all outside on bikes and scooters.  She decides she wants the razor scooter and pushes her 7 year old brother off of it (he’s also a brute!).  She then takes the scooter for herself and does fairly well with it.  Yep, I’m in for it.  I’m going to have a tomboy in a dress.  =)  Have a marvelous day, everyone!


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