I love my husband.  I met him during my messy divorce, while he was also going through a divorce.  We both have learned from our own mistakes, so we knew going into our relationship what we did not want to be doing.  We’ve been married almost 3 years as of this post, and so far, with our God’s help, we have done pretty well.  My man is very supportive of me, especially in regards to my crafting.  Yesterday I had a hard time with a wedding invitation that did not want to cooperate, and I had scraps of paper everywhere with things I’d tried that I didn’t like, or that I didn’t think would work.  He comes home, points to one scrap, and said, “That one.  I like that one”.  When we were doing our devotions last night, he told me that I am always encouraging him and helping him.  I don’t see it, but he does and that’s what counts. I’m glad I’m able to encourage him as much as he encourages me.




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