Kids and Paint

I absolutely love watching my kids create.  Whether it’s painting, playing in the sandbox, coloring, singing, playing with toys…I delight in their creativity.  Recently I brought out our paint dabbers and let our two youngest go to town with their imagination.  One is 4 and the other is 21 months old.  No prodigy-type pictures were painted, but both had a great deal of fun.  My daughter, Anna,  mostly just painted her hand.  Today, Anna’s Early Head Start home visitor brought paint dabbers and markers.  Anna actually painted and colored on her paper, for about a minute.  Again, she wanted to paint and color her hands and arms.  Future tattooist?  =)  Anyway, I just enjoy the creativity that God gave us, watching what comes to be under my kids’ fingers.  Also, the faces they make as they are working.  I always wonder what they are thinking. 


100_0011 100_0013


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