Another Crafting Post!

I just love to craft.  Even when I can’t seem to find my motivation, I still love to get my hands involved in crafting something.  My newest creations are some Christmas gift tags, pullover bibs for toddlers, and tags for wedding favors.  I think what I love most about crafting is that God gave me this creativity.  Creativeness from my Creator, isn’t that awesome?!  I love that every time I need something new, God helps me to come up with a design.  I do like to search the web for things that other people have made, but I love when I design something that I didn’t see elsewhere.  At least not til after I’ve posted mine.  The bibs were made because a previous customer of mine wanted to order bibs from me, so I found a video on youtube.  But I love that I am able to make these things.  =)

10646915_713993402003292_7103018904685174009_n 10698558_10202701496286344_4082909253382297124_n 10703964_702242883178344_5191081583033795782_n


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