Hello again!

Hello again!  I have been remiss in posting for the last few months.  The reason for this is I started going to college full time!  I never thought I would enjoy college, but I really am.  I am able to do all my coursework online.  This was the best option for us because I am a stay-at-home mom of 4 very active kids, we only have one car, and hubby works second shift now.  So I decided if I were to return to college, it would need to be either after my youngest goes off to kindergarten, or that it would need to be completely online.

My major is Business Administration, and I chose it because it will help me in my craft business when I launch it after graduation.  This way my business won’t flop because of ignorance.  =)  So far I am doing well in my classes.  I received an A and an A- in the two classes I finished already, and am currently getting an A- and an A+ in the other two classes.  I am almost finished with this semester.  Then I get a few weeks off, and the next semester is coming soon!  Considering I failed a few courses when I attended traditional college, I am very excited at my progress.

A little encouragement for anyone who would like to go back to school and thinks there isn’t enough time, or money…research the schools you are interested in.  I pulled up the list of colleges in my state and just started looking at them.  There was a lot of research involved at the start, but I found my place.  I hope you do, too.


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