More Favorite Products

I have a new favorite stamp company!  I attended a scrapbook convention this year, for the second time in my life.  I love the scrapbook convention!!!  Lots of companies and products to look through.  Classes available to learn something new.  Space to crop if you want to.  Last year I took a class on using up my leftover paper pieces.  I love what I learned there.  This year I decided to take a class that would help me in my wedding invitation business.  The company offering the class is Heartfelt Creations.  Their cards are absolutely beautiful!  Lots of flowers, glitter, layers…I’ve been interested in their cards for a couple of years, but have never looked into their products.  The class I took was working with vellum paper.  The cards we made are perfect to use for wedding invitations.  I learned how to shape flowers and add color to a stamped image on vellum.  I have also been looking through the tutorials Heartfelt Creations has on their website.  Good stuff and easy to follow!  I brought a certain amount of money to spend on new stamps at the convention.  I spent it all at the Heartfelt Creations booth!  Happy Stamping!


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