Starting Again

I posted a few months ago that I was finally in college full time.  I am mostly enjoying it, and doing well in all my classes.  My worst grade last semester was a B+.  Not too shabby from someone who didn’t care about passing classes when I was enrolled in college fresh out of high school.  YOU know, I was “free” for the first time in my life.  Yeah.  Fast forward 20 years.

I got an email in July, stating that the college had decided to close.  Current students can finish their current terms.  I have the choice of transferring to the college of their choice, or I can go my own way.  I researched the college of their choice and something didn’t sit right with me about it.  I don’t know if it was how the classes are set up, or the amount they charge.  Maybe it was God telling me to keep looking.  Again.

I did all this research last winter when I’d first decided to go back to school.  I don’t really want to do it all again.  Last time I picked the cheapest school.  This time, I am looking more into how classes are set up, and if the college has a certain specialization.  I don’t want to get a student loan, but I do need to finish school so I can launch my business with no school-type distractions!

I am thinking of waiting 6 months to transfer, instead of transferring this coming winter.  Hubby thinks that’s a mistake, because I’m used to doing the school work now.  I’ll be out of practice in 6 months.  My reasoning is that my youngest child will be in her first year of Headstart, so she’ll be gone for four hours every day.  Four hours of uninterrupted school time.  But I’m also thinking that if I wait for six months, then that puts me back that length of time.  I don’t really want to lose that time.

So, I will be transferring to a new college this coming January.  Their classes are set up as closely as possible to my current classes.  This means that I only have to concentrate on one class at a time, rather than be enrolled in 4 at a time and have to do work on each of them each week.  I know that’s how on-campus classes work, but now that I’m 20 years older, have 4 children, have to contend with a pre-teen who is on the high functioning end of Autism, has severe ADHD, and who struggles to do homework…yeah, I need one class at a time.

Here’s to starting again.


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