Sewing Corner

I make hooded, embellished beach/bath towels for children.  My kids love theirs.  They each have one, and they hate laundry day when their towels are not available to them!  My daughter prances around the house wearing hers, like the princess she is.  I’m selling these for $15 each.  If you would like to order one, or some, please email me with your preferences (for instance, a blue towel and pirate themed fabric).  The only limits I have are what the craft stores have in stock.  Thank you!


I am in the process of making other items to showcase on this page.  One of my projects for this week is sewing some children’s craft aprons which can also turn into tote bags.  I will be posting pics soon.  =)


This is the promised craft apron.  It folds down into a tote bag.

I had a need for a basket or box to hold some small items I was selling at a craft fair.  I found an easy tutorial for these cute fabric baskets.  My daughter is in love with them!  So I think I’ll be making some to hold her small treasures, and I’ll make some more to decorate my craft room.

fabric basket


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